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“I think it’s really easy to rely on outside affirmations to validate who you are as a person and who you are in the world. I, like so many women, struggled with low self-esteem. I also had to face living in a world where I received the message of, “you can’t,” every day. I am a plus size, brown-skinned, Black woman of transgender experience. The world on every level communicates to you that you can’t or aren’t deserving. It is through being my own cheerleader that I think I’m able to dare, dream and lead the work I do. Early in my career no one really believed in me or my work. I was a former sex worker, have no college degree, and I just had to cheer myself on until everyone else followed. You kind of have to start the slow clap and hope folks join along. Especially when you don’t fit the mold.”

– Aria Said
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Rabbit Fur in the Winter

“We all spend our lives kicking the crap out of ourselves for not being this way or that way, not having this thing or that thing, not being like this person or that person. For not living up to...

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thank u, next

  thought i’d end up marc, but it wasn’t a match; wrote some poems about euloge, now i look back and laugh; almost got married, and to syeed i’m so grateful; wish i could say thank you to...

December 2, 2018/No comment
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Kween Culture x Sephora

Many folks are familiar with the trans women of color empowerment project I started, Kween Culture Initiative. If not, click that link to learn more! We had such an amazing partnership with...

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