“With its cool superiority and elegant simplicity, the trench coat is not only a symbol, no it is a promise. This coat stands for discretion, adventure, secrets, and a kind of low-key glamor. Intrigues and romances, curiosity and rainy weather. The big melo­drama but also the under­ground. And always surrounded by an air of time­less­ness.”

– Jovana Reisinger, Author 


Ahhhh, the trench coat. It’s everywhere it seems in all the Pinterest street style photos for Autumn and Spring and yet I find not enough people utilize her to the maximum like they can.

The trench coat, in my humble opinion, is a hero piece- a piece that is so versatile, such a staple and a garment that will carry you through in between weather and seasons for years to come. Rainy day? Throw on a trench. Mild day in San Francisco in July? Wear a trench. Want to look smart but want to wear jeans and a t-shirt? Add a trench coat for instant polish. Classic workwear attire for the corporate space? Throw on a trench AGAIN for the morning commute. Running to the corner store for a late night snack? Sweat pants, t shirt, UGG clogs and a trench and you could easily dash into a corner store/bodega or a bar for drinks and give casual cool girl vibes.

I wish more women and femmes embraced the trench coat- so I’ve come up with some fun finds linked below. The brilliant thing about a trench coat is that it’s so classic you can find them at any price point. Fast fashion brands like ASOS or MANGO or H&M have really fun, upbeat trendy versions you can try- and heritage brands like Burberry are known for their variations of the trench as a staple piece of their designer houses.

No matter your budget, try and see if a trench coat is the perfect addition to your closet or capsule wardrobe. I confess I slept on the trench for many years thinking she was quite boring and bland – only to discover there are so many ways to dress it up.

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