I’m such a weird make up junkie in that I seem to always buy products for the idea of them.

You know what I mean?

Like, I haven’t worn a smokey eye in about 3 months and yet I still will purchase a smokey eye shadow quad. *WOMP WOMP WOMP*

I suppose I figure that at a moment’s notice I’ll have a reason to wear one, and one must always be prepared at a moment’s notice.

Below is my make up junkie vanity….


Either way, I end up coming across products that change my make up game to another dimension, and I’m not mad at it.

Here we go:

1. Foundation:

I’m pretty loyal to Bobbi Brown-anything- I love the brand, and they have historically always had foundation for darker skin.

I realize most of the darker skin Youtube beauty gurus stray away from the brand because of the “red” pigment in the foundation- but I actually have red brown skin so it’s typically a flawless finish and color match for me!

Anyway, I have been yearning to try other products in the foundation area- especially a demi-matte finish foundation for photography, for filming, and going clubbing, etc.

I do have DRY/combination (oily nose, dry face) skin SO I didn’t want something that would dry me out to be alligator skin.

In sashays the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation!

I love EVERYTHING about it. The coverage, the dry down, the perfume (why does everyone complain about it?), and the color.

1036-3005459-HBFFFDT100B_VANILLA_ALT02_1024x1024@2xI did purchase the shade  Coffee Bean 530R  which is described as for “Rich skin tones with red undertones”- and to be honest, it’s an exact skin tone match like Bobbi Brown…. but it’s beautiful and with all my highlighting and contouring it’s perfection. I’d say that I’m quite honestly in between the Coffee Bean and Nutmeg shades- Nutmeg being too “yellow golden” to match me, and Coffee Bean being “red red”.


I don’t have hyper pigmentation or scarring, but if you DO, from the reviews and demos I’ve seen online you’ll definitely want to sample it.

I’ve been using it daily with warm weather and hot flashes and it’s pretty flawless.

2. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

So, I know what you’re going to say….


I know, I know.

I’m a “luxury or nothing” kinda girl so please excuse that. Also, here is a cheaper alternative HERE for my drug-store only beauties.

bobbi brown bronzer

BRONZING dark skin is hard only because most brands,vendors and companies DO NOT MAKE BRONZERS IN DEEP SHADES! (why, I don’t know, but whatever).

But this guy. *gushes*

Favorite. Up until this point I was using MAC’s Raizin Blush as a “bronzer”, until I discovered the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in the shade DEEP.

If you are around my complexion or a little bit lighter, you will thank me later 😉


3. Vita Liberata Body Blur

In San Francisco, we don’t get a real summer. It’s usually high 50’s, low 60’s throughout the summer months but that doesn’t mean I want to miss out! My arms are somehow the darkest parts of my body- with my chest and legs being super light by comparison.

vita liberata body blur in shade mocha




To cheat, and look like I’ve just been vacationing in Capri or Egypt– I buff my secret friend onto chest, neck, outer part of my arms for a bronze, deepening glow.


Also, I’m a woman of extremes.

I’m either full face of make up, or sans makeup.

I’ve never really mastered the “no make up, make up” look to be transparent.

When I want to stunt ultra perfect skin, I mix a little of this with my moisturizer- et viola, perfect bronzey skin hunny.


4. “La Bronze” Jackie Aina- ARTIST COUTURE highlighter

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie 

I have been following Ms. Aina since the “lil pumpkin pie” days, and it is so inspirational to see her grow and blossom into the woman she’s always wanted to be.

la bronze artist couture

She came out with this buddy a while ago, in her collaboration with MAC DADDY (does anyone else secretly crush over him?)’s brand, Artist Couture.

It’s rose gold, and coppery- so I don’t ALWAYS use this as a highlighter.

However, since it is a loose pigment, I DO gravitate towards this product for eye shadow looks, annnndddddd…. if you pat some on a clear or peach lipgloss…. HUNNY BUNNY.

It’s sickening. It’s kunty. It’s everythang. Link is here.


5.  Giorgio Armani’s “SI PASSIONE” Eau De Parfum

Not going to lie.

I hated it at first. 

si passione edp

I typically go for bold, musky, oriental fragrances. I only seem to venture out of my comfort zone for anything Tom Ford or Versace, to be honest.

Walking around Macy’s one day with a friend, changed my mind and my summer.

She’s beautiful. There’s sparkling pear, rose, and woody vanilla.

She’s light but sultry.

She doesn’t last all day so pack her in your bag or put some in an atomizer so you can reapply later.

I’ve had really great make out sessions with her on my neck, back of ears and collarbones.

Something about her makes me reach for her daily, and yes during the day.





That’s my top five holy grail products!